The scope of Bayou Surgical Specialists’ expertise covers advanced abdominal surgeries. Our portfolio of abdominal services includes gallbladder surgery and other highly specialized procedures to resolve disorders of the stomach and appendix, such as appendicitis.

Our highly trained surgeons are skilled in laparoscopy for the purpose of diagnosing disorders of the appendix and gallbladder. Such disorders include appendicitis, gallstones, and cancer.

For painful gallstones or abnormal gallbladder function, removal of the organ may be recommended. We perform laparoscopic gallbladder removal as part of our broader emphasis on minimally invasive surgery. This strategy uses a camera and other highly specialized instruments to minimize the incision, as well as risks and recovery time. Generally, patients return home either the same day or the day after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.

Appendicitis manifests as severe abdominal pain. And, as the appendix serves no known function for your body, removal is generally the recommended cure. Bayou Surgical Specialists routinely provides laparoscopic appendix removal to cure appendicitis.

When GERD goes untreated, severe complications, such as bleeding, may result. We perform Nissen fundoplication, a specialized procedure to treat GERD by reducing the capacity for acid to enter the esophagus. Nissen fundoplication can eliminate the need for anti-acid medication.

To diagnose disorders of the stomach and broader digestive tract, we provide endoscopy and EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy). We also offer surgical solutions for stomach disorders, as well as bariatric surgeries for long-term success in weight loss. Our bariatric portfolio includes laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and LAP-BAND® revision, removal, and conversion to sleeve gastrectomy.

Our staff and surgeons are eager to craft a plan of care to meet your health goals. Reach out to Bayou Surgical Specialists directly to inquire about your treatment options. We can notify you if your insurance requires a referral from a general practitioner before proceeding with surgical treatment. Ahead of the procedure, we’ll make sure you know everything you need to do know about preparation, recovery and long-term wellness. Contact Bayou Surgical Specialists today to schedule an appointment.