Skin & Soft Tissue

Muscle, nerves and other soft tissues play a critical role in our physical well-being. Yet these soft tissues and skin can be affected by a variety of cancers, lesions and other serious disorders. Bayou Surgical Specialists performs skin cancer surgery, lymph node biopsies, and other procedures to put patients on the path to diagnosis and recovery.

Often, the first step is to determine whether cancer has spread. This provides critical information for your overall care plan. Within that plan, Skin cancer surgery can play an important roleā€”not just in treatment, but also in diagnostics. Because cancer most frequently spreads to small, round glands called lymph nodes, exploration of the lymphatic system is usually necessary. During a lymph node biopsy, our highly skilled surgeons remove all or part of a lymph node for the purpose of examination.

Lipomas are generally slow-growing, benign tumors. We offer excision (removal) of lipomas, cysts and skin lesions. We also perform incision and drainage of abscesses. These procedures can serve a valuable cosmetic purpose, relieve pain or even treat an underlying disease, such as melanoma. Bayou Surgical Specialists is committed to offering you cutting-edge techniques for skin cancer surgery and other skin procedures.

Our surgeons have expertise in a variety of procedures involving the removal or transplantation of tissues. Through debridement, we remove infected or otherwise damaged tissue from a wound. We also perform split-thickness skin grafting. The most common type, split-thickness skin grafting involves the surgical removal of the top two layers of skin from a healthy donor site and attaching it to another area of the body.

In providing skin cancer surgery, lymph node biopsy and a range of other procedures, our goal is exceptional skin and soft tissue care for every patient. The staff and physicians at Bayou Surgical Specialists look forward to working with you to craft a recovery plan.

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