General Surgery

Bayou Surgical Specialists utilizes only advanced surgical techniques. We combine compassion and skill to offer the most comprehensive surgical care in the Tri-Parish area. Our physicians and staff will partner with you in your journey of preventive care or treatment.

We treat the whole person. We offer diagnostics and treatment for patients suffering from trauma-induced injuries and cancer. We routinely perform surgeries to assess and heal disorders of the breast, bowel, gallbladder, and thyroid. In addition, our practice features an in-depth focus on hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) and hypothyroidism (underactive).

Our team includes physicians skilled in minimally invasive surgical techniques. Whenever possible, we employ laparoscopic surgery. This strategy uses a camera and other highly specialized instruments to achieve positive health outcomes while minimizing incisions and downtime.

The Bayou Surgical Specialists team includes surgeons with advanced training in a broad spectrum of specialized care. We offer treatment options for thyroid and other gland disorders, including hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Our portfolio of procedures includes surgical thyroid biopsies, which can help diagnose thyroid disease or cancer or explore thyroid nodules discovered during a physical examination. Advanced diagnostic techniques are essential for high-quality care, as both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause symptoms such as a goiter or muscle weakness, as well as irregularities in menstrual periods, heartbeat and mental function. It’s important to see a primary care provider, as early as possible, about your symptoms. In the event that removal of the gland is required, we perform thyroidectomy.

In addition to the thyroid, Bayou Surgical Specialists treats diseases and disorders of a broader set of glands, organs, and extremities. We perform procedures to address cancer and other illness affecting the parathyroid gland. Our specialists are trained in providing parathyroidectomy, which is the removal of either parathyroid tumors or the glands themselves.

Our surgical team also includes expertise in performing splenectomy, in which a diseased or damaged spleen must be removed. The most common trigger for a splenectomy is auto-immune thrombocytopenia purpura, an illness in which the spleen drives the body’s platelet count down to a dangerously low level. A spleen may also need to be removed due to cancer, trauma or various genetic conditions.

Bayou Surgical Specialists provides amputations in cases where uncontrollable infections, severe trauma or other serious conditions create the necessity for the procedure. For many patients, amputation significantly improves quality of life.

Major operations such as organ removals and amputations serve as critical treatments for serious conditions, but they also have lifelong impacts. Ahead of your surgery, our physicians and staff will work with you to fully explore issues of long-term wellness. Such topics may include your activity goals and any medicine or equipment you may need.

For patients with illnesses that require repeated blood draws and drug injections, Bayou Surgical Specialists routinely performs insertion and removal of Porta-Caths. Implantation of these specialized catheter kits can greatly minimize discomfort associated with treatment and monitoring.

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