Bayou Surgical Specialists offer the highest quality of surgical care for cancer and other breast disorders, such as cysts and noncancerous lumps. We recognize that your treatment decision is highly personal and based on a wide range of factors. As part of our compassionate approach to care, we offer a variety of advanced surgical techniques.

Surgical procedures can play an important role—not just in treatment, but also in diagnostics. During a biopsy, a surgeon removes tissue for the evaluation and care of patients with cancer and other disorders. We provide both incisional biopsy (removal of a small part of a tumor) and excisional biopsy (removal of the entire tumor).

Bayou Surgical Specialists is committed to precision in biopsies. This ensures that the procedures you choose to undergo will require less recovery time and have less impact on your life. To that end, we offer stereotactic biopsy, in which mammography enables our trained specialists to target the exact tissue that needs to be sampled.

Our surgeons are also skilled in sentinel node biopsy. This is an advanced method of assessing whether the cancer has spread to the lymphatic system. This biopsy works by targeting the sentinel node, which is known to be the first to be affected by the spread of cancer. In the event that cancer is found in the sentinel node, we provide axillary lymph node dissection for further exploration or to remove diseased tissue.

For treatment of patients with diagnoses or very high-risk profiles for breast cancer, our surgeons are trained in a range of procedures to fit your medical history and personal preference. We perform lumpectomy, in which a lump is removed, and mastectomy, in which the entire breast tissue is removed.

Breast care at Bayou Surgical Specialists includes treatment for many common breast disorders, such as cysts and non-cancerous lumps. Our surgeons routinely perform fine needle aspiration for breast cysts.

For cancer and other breast treatment, patients should look for a physician that addresses the full picture—genetic risk, tumor size, breast size, cancer stage, and whether the cancer has spread, among other highly personal factors. We welcome discussions with patients and referring physicians to determine the best path for care.

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