Bayou Surgical Specialists is focused on colon health as an extension of our overall specialization in the digestive system, as well as whole-body cancer treatment and prevention. Regular colonoscopies are a critical part of routine preventive care and wellness.

A colonoscopy utilizes a camera to examine a patient’s rectum and colon. These screenings help to diagnose polyps or cancer early, while at a more treatable stage.

The National Institutes of Health recommends that patients start regular colonoscopies at age 50. Based on your personal risk factors, Bayou Surgical Specialists can advise you on whether to start getting colonoscopies earlier than age 50, as well as how often you need them. Your personal recommendation depends on your own history of bowel disease, your family history of polyps and cancer, and other criteria, such as how much you weigh and whether you smoke cigarettes. We will thoroughly advise you on how to prepare for a colonoscopy, as well as self-care after the procedure.

Some disorders can even be treated during the course of a routine colonoscopy. Polyps, for example, are a common way that cancer starts. Bayou Surgical Specialists offers removal of polyps during a colonoscopy. In the event that we do find polyps, colon obstruction or evidence of other disorders, further examination or treatment may be recommended. We are committed to offering you modern surgical techniques, a customized treatment path and an excellent quality of care.

Our surgeons have advanced training in colon resection (removal of all or part of the small intestine) and colectomy (removal of all or part of the large intestine). After a colon resection, an injury, or treatment for another disorder, a patient may need a colostomy. In this procedure, the intestine is connected to a bag on the outside of the body. We provide colostomy as a permanent or short-term solution, performing reattachment of the intestine if the procedure needs to be reversed.

Our compassionate team looks forward to developing a plan of care to meet your health goals. Reach out to Bayou Surgical Specialists directly to inquire about your options for preventing and treating colon disorders.