Ano-rectal Treatment

As part of Bayou Surgical Specialists’ emphasis on digestive health and overall well-being, we provide advanced surgical techniques to heal the anus and rectum. We routinely perform procedures to resolve hemorrhoids, fistula and other disorders of the lower gastrointestinal tract.

For the purpose of diagnosis, we offer EUA, or examination under anesthesia. For treatment, our surgeons are highly skilled in a variety of options. Depending on your condition and severity, complete or partial removal of tissue may be the best course of treatment.

In such cases, we provide the very best in surgical care for excision of diseased and damaged tissue. We perform hemorrhoidectomy to remove both internal and external hemorrhoids. And we remove diseased rectal tissue through rectal resection.

A fistula is an abnormal tract that connects the anus or rectum either to the outside of the body or to another organ. We provide fistula repair and, in cases that call for complete removal, fistulectomy.

Infections in the anus and rectum can lead to painful abscesses and cysts. If untreated, such disorders can worsen and recur. Abscesses, in particular, can develop into a fistula. We offer anal abscess incision to prevent such complications and deliver complete functional recovery. We also perform drainage and surgical treatment for pilonidal cysts, which occur as a result of a chronic infection.

Fissures are a common chronic condition that often presents in young and generally healthy adults. The condition involves an ulcer or tear in the anal lining. To address this disorder, we offer fissurectomy (removal of the fissure) and sphincterotomy (opening of the inner anal sphincter muscle).

Patients suffering from fissures, hemorrhoids and other conditions of the anus and rectum should know that there is hope to resolve their pain and functional loss. Contact Bayou Surgical Specialists to discuss the options for treatment. We can determine whether your insurance requires a referral from a general practitioner for coverage of surgical treatment.